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Arthur of the Britons (1971)
released on DVD 3 March 2008

Producer: HTV and ZDF
Role: Lead Role of King Arthur
Co-Stars: Michael Gothard, Jack Watson, Brian Blessed, Gila von Weitershausen

Depictions of King Arthur in films and on television have typically focused on the legend; chivalrous knights, courtly love, great deeds, magic and enchantment. Not so with this rugged adaptation.

The Arthur of this series was a struggling 6th century warlord battling to unite the fragmented Celtic tribes against rapacious Saxon invaders. This was King Arthur as he might have been.

Although not based on historical fact, the series set out to remain within the bounds of possibility rather than recount the legendary stories of an idealised Camelot, heroic deeds and great quests.

"Historians know little that is factual about this period in our history but upon one thing they are agreed: the legendary picture of Arthur is a fantasy. The truth was different. Camelot was an unlovely encampment of log and thatch within cunning defences."

I played the eponymous hero. Jack Watson played the role of Llud, an old warrior and Arthur's mentor. The role of Kai, Arthur's faithful lieutenant, was played by Michael Gothard.

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